3 Best Metaverse Platforms That You Can Try in 2022

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, it seems like the only topic of conversation is the Metaverse platforms. The idea of the Metaverse introduction has most devotees both intrigued and perplexed. Some of the ideas from well-known companies like Facebook and Microsoft have been released. It provides a glimpse of what the Metaverse can look like, but there are other emerging players in this market. The metaverse is frequently predicted as the next stage of human development. Cyberspace has become so real that it is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds that uses technologies like VR and AR to foster social connections and is supported by a digital currency, however, a clear definition is still lacking. Facebook recently announced a USD 10 billion investment to create its metaverse, igniting the debate. But Facebook isn’t the only game in town in the Metaverse—now known as Meta.

Let’s take a closer look at who these top IT companies and developers are since we’re currently witnessing an exciting battle between them.


In 2015, two friends named Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano founded Decentraland in Argentina. The platform offers digital land parcels, referred to as land, with a starting price of $13,000. Since the platform became public in February 2020, the cost of land lots has increased rapidly. It is one of the first platforms in the Metaverse, and it has previously worked with the Australian Open on the AO Art Ball initiative.

Users can develop content and apps on the platform, interact with them, and make money off of them. In the Metaverse, users can also buy digital plots of land that they can travel to, build on, and sell. There is a finite amount of LAND available, and through Decentraland DAO, only the community has the authority to produce new LAND. Users of this platform can use builder tools to easily drag and drop items. On their property, they can build their very own 3D models.

The game environment is provided by Decentraland, which is divided into 90,601 unique parcels, each of which is represented by an NFT. Users can only make purchases using Decentraland’s exclusive MANA token. Nevertheless, trading in land parcels is also possible in Opensea.


Sebastian Borget and Arthur Madrid established Sandbox in 2012. The business, which added 3D and blockchain to the game, was acquired by Animoca brands in 2018. In November 2021, the platform completely migrated to the Metaverse. They have their own digital currency, known as SAND. To build a virtual megacity, the company is collaborating with numerous partners from a variety of sectors; including gaming, real estate, entertainment, finance, and the Hong Kong film industry.

Players may enhance and monetize their gaming experience using Sandbox on the Ethereum blockchain. High-profile landowners on the Sandbox lists include Pranksy, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cyberkongz, and Atari. They can all create their own interactive virtual worlds or games on the platform. Additionally, the site has established IP alliances with more than 165 businesses. This is done to produce pixelated replicas of their fictional characters and goods in the virtual world.


Users can play games created by other users on Roblox, another Metaverse site. Roblox stands out from other gaming platforms since all of its games are created by players. Over 20 million games have currently been produced on the platform by its users. By only monetizing their games, many of the developers can make up to $1 million in a single year.

Downloads for the platform and games are totally free. The games on the platform do, however, allow you to buy things in-game. Skins, upgraded weaponry, and a variety of other stuff that users must purchase can all be purchased by users. Players can adopt and care for pets in one of its games, Adopt Me!, for instance.

Roblox just debuted “spatial voice chat” as part of its efforts to move closer to creating a Metaverse. This can improve the dialogues that take place online and imitate real-world conversations.

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