TechPay Coin and Factors Contributing to Its Growth

TechPay Coin is a Layer 1 Blockchain that can perform hundreds of thousands of operations per second without sacrificing any element or functionality that is already available in blockchains. TechPay Chain is the world’s first blockchain system, built on a novel version of Direct Acyclic Graphs (DAG) and pBFT for scalability and security.

The Project boasts a massively efficient bespoke layer 1 PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain that is more environmentally conscious and can be used to build smart contracts and decentralized applications on top of. Furthermore, TechPay’s network now uses the Sirius protocol, which is EVM friendly and allows for fast transaction processing. Up to 300,000 TPS can occur per second on TechPay Chain.

TechPay also offers 100% finality, allowing it to confirm transactions in as little as 1.15 seconds. While other systems permit payment reversal due to probabilistic certainty, the TechPay network does not allow this due to its lawless design, which increases safety even further.

Factors That Contribute to TechPay Coin Expansion

  • TechPay Coin outperformed Solana by 4.5 times, making it the most powerful infinitely scalable Blockchain to date.
  • The TechPay team is also excited to implement sharding to increase TPS and achieve a Time-to-Finality of less than a second.
  • To date, TechPay’s Mainnet network has produced 495,000+ blocks verifying 2.5 million+ transfers without a single transaction error or reversal, demonstrating the channel’s incredible reliability and security.
  • While service fees for other Layer-1 Blockchains are increasing, TechPay Chain’s service fees are a quarter of that. Even the most recent Blockchain transaction used only 0.0000021$.
  • EVM is compatible with TechPay. As a result, it can enable Smart Contracts, decentralized apps, and NFTs, further boosting the Defi and Web 3.0 fields.
  • Furthermore, TechPay’s groundbreaking innovation would ultimately address the need for a standards-compliant blockchain capable of meeting the demands of the NFT Space.
  • TechPay will include decentralized Web 3.0 platforms as well as non-congested dApps and scalable smart contracts. Furthermore, projects hosted on TechPay’s system provide stability, affordability, and rapid efficiency.
  • TechPay Coin overcomes the blockchain trilemma, which states that a blockchain cannot have all three characteristics: decentralization, permanence, and security; it must sacrifice one of these characteristics in order to function.
  • TechPay Coin integrated all of these features to the greatest extent possible:
  • As the number of events between each shard increases, the issue of Blockchain centralization is reduced.
  • Because hashing capacity is not required to satisfy the next shard, energy consumption is drastically reduced.
  • A one-second block time is also included.

What Makes Techpay Coin A Blue Chip?

Because of the following factors, the Techpay coin could be a blue-chip:

  • The launch of TechPay Coin was nothing short of spectacular.
  • TechPay Coin introduced an infinitely scalable layer 1 blockchain with a purpose in the age of tokens and memecoins.
  • Scalability and efficiency are major issues with all blockchains in the space. TechPay Coin solves it with high performance and low gas fees.

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