Conquest VR Has Begun to Sell Audio Headsets for the AR/VR Markets

Conquest VR announced that its audio headsets for virtual and augmented reality are now available. The Conquest Pro headphones were designed to deliver hyper-immersive VR sound and capture all the nuances of spatialized audio.

Conquest VR claims that its Pro headphones deliver a new level of VR experience, from the subtle pitter-patter of running feet to the vocal and instrumental magic of a live concert to the thumping sounds of rhythm games. The headphones have Hi-Res Audio Certification, which is given to high-fidelity audio products with a frequency range of up to 40,000 hertz.


VR Headset Compatibility Is Extensive

The universal adapter on the Conquest Pro enables it to be easily attached to nearly all VR headsets and head straps, including the original Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Rift-S, Pico Neo 2, Neo 3, HTC Vive Focus 3, and Varjo Aero.

It has been tested with the original Meta Quest 2 strap, the Elite Strap, the Elite Strap with Battery, and third-party straps. Conquest Pro headphones plug into the 3.5mm audio jack found on the majority of VR headsets.

Conquest Pro headphones are back weighted for comfort, balancing the weight of VR headsets on the front of the head. The headphones have audio-adapt technology that prevents pressure on the pinna of the ear, making long VR sessions more comfortable. To ensure a proper fit, the headphones have five different adjustment methods.



The soft ear pads and ear-can design of the Conquest Pro provide passive noise cancellation and prevent sound leakage. This allows for true immersion and a genuine sense of presence, free of external distractions and with no sound leaking in or out. This has the added advantage of making VR experiences with Conquest Pro headphones completely private.

Conquest VR’s Conquest Pro Headphones are available for pre-order at The Conquest Pro Headphones have an introductory pre-order price of $179.00 and are expected to be available in the first week of October. Conquest VR is privately funded and led by co-founders Raghu Bathina (CEO) and Sridhar Prathikanti (President). Bathina told GamesBeat in an email that the company is aiming for total immersion, similar to Ready Player One. It also witnessed how the Sonos sound bar transformed the TV viewing experience. It aspires to bring this to VR experiences through immersive audio. The company focuses solely on audio solutions for AR/VR.

“We are a virtual reality hardware company that understands virtual reality software,” Bathina explained. “As evidenced by our blogs. We understand how immersive audio is created, so we can reproduce and deliver the desired impact more effectively. We are XR enthusiasts who are ecstatic about the applications of XR in gaming, training, healthcare, and fitness.”


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